3D Cross-linked Graphene Bulk Materials and Their Application in Green Energy

Yongsheng Chen

Nankai University

Abstract: In this presentation, our recent progress for the synthesis and its unique properties of 3D cross-linked graphene bulk materials using the 2D graphene sheets and their applications in green energy will be discussed.

Biography: Professor Yongsheng Chen received his Bachelor degree in 1984 from Zhengzhou University, Master degree in 1987 from Nankai University, and Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 1997 from the University of Victoria with Prof Reg Mitchell and joined Prof Robert Haddon/Peter Eklund and Prof Fred Wudl groups for Postdoc studies from 1997-1999. From 2004 until now, he has been a Tianjin Chair Professor in Nankai University, Director for the Center of Nanoscale of Science and Technology. His main research interests focus on 1) Carbon based nano materials and organic/polymer multifunctional materials; 2) Green energy device applications using these materials for including OPV, supercapacitor and other energy conversion technologies, in which fields he has a high research reputation. So far he has published >260 SCI-indexed papers in journals including Science, Nature, Nature Photo., Nature Comm., Acc. Chem. Res., JACS, Energ. Environ Sci., Adv. Mat., Adv. Energy Mater., Nano Lett, ACS Nano, etc, with a total ISI citation of >29,000 times, an H-index of 73 (2016.09, Web of Science). Prof. Chen received a high reputation as “one of the world highly cited scientist of last ten years” by Thomas Reuter in 2014, 2015, and 2016. He also has applied > 50 patent applications (with 11 authorized) on nano materials and green energy. He is also the Editor of Carbon (Elsevier), and in the Editorial Board of Scientific Report (Nature), Energy Storage Materials (Elsevier), 2D Materials (IOP Science), 《化学学报》.